quinta-feira, 7 de fevereiro de 2013

System of Crop Intensification - in Chao Sobral


SRI methodology is based on four main principles that interact in synergistic ways:
  • Establish healthy plants early and carefully, nurturing their root potential.
  • Reduce plant populations, giving each plant more room to grow above and below ground and room to capture sunlight and obtain nutrients.
  • Enrich the soil with organic matter, keeping it well-aerated to support better growth of roots and more aerobic soil biota.
  • Apply water purposefully in ways that favor plant-root and soil-microbial growth, avoiding flooded (anaerobic) soil conditions.
Picture above: preparing the growing bed terrace, a fitness-socializing-aerate-addmanure-soil-massage.

 Pictures above: careful&socializing weeding and aerating the soil around the maize plants, using small hoe tool.

 Picture above: a few weeks after seeding - 0,4-0,6 mt wide per 4 mts long, sunken beds on countour - fish-bone irrigation pattern. Growing warm-dry season flood irrigated crops - pumpkin, maize, kidney-beans, sunflower, on sloped ground in Chão Sobral.

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