domingo, 27 de janeiro de 2013

3 generations picking potatoes - recalling last summer holidays

For hundreds of years grandparents, parents and children would live together and there was no separation between work and play time!
This photos are from last summer - August 2012 - family gathering for potatoe picking, that lasted for about 2 hours.
All this children (grandsons) were in the village for summer holidays in the grandparents home. For the rest of the year they live in the city.

Potatoe plant stems and leaves (some already whithered) had been cut a few days before and used to feed the goats. After being cut they wither for 1 or 2 days and only then are given to the goats or sheep.

Picture of potatoe plant roots.

Potatoes were planted in April, the soil around them was raked to kill weeds and break soil water capillary evaporation and were mulched only before the first flood irrigation, and then continued irrigated in June, July and August, until one week or so before harvest.

After picking all the potatoes from the soft soil, it was prepared to plant palm cabbage seedlings. Compost was not added at this start stage for the cabbage.

The preparation was to open about 12-14 swales, 30 cms apart, 4 metres long, 20 cm deep and wide.

After, seedlings were planted in the trench and flood irrigated until the return of the rainy season (1 to 2 months after).

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