domingo, 27 de janeiro de 2013

after potatoe picking - earthworks for cabbage seedlings

We are in the mid of dry season, potoates were harvested.

In the same soil cabbage will follow and get the kickstart of end summer heat and grow and thrive through the frosty wet season

Compost was not added at this start stage for the cabbage.

The preparation was to open about 12-14 swales, 30 cms apart, 4 metres long, 20 cm deep and wide.

After, seedlings were planted in the trench and flood irrigated until the return of the rainy season (1 to 2 months after).

 Pic. 1 - Row of vines along the edge, on a 90º angle to the contour line. Swales are nearly ready to receive cabbage seedlings.

 Pic. 2 - Soil is soft and it is easy to open these swales.

 Pic. 3 - Another row of vines parallel to the swales and a roll of wire mesh on the corner, to fence goats, as some of this area will become pasture in the wet season.

 Pic. 4 - Row of grape vines on the left (for home made wine), and still growing corn field in front.

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